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The archival documents for the Senuk Collection (accession number 85.3) within the UCF Art Gallery's Permanent Collection.


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The Permanent Collection files of the UCF Art Gallery


Ray Senuk and Janet Berlo

Collection Items

Textile; Cotton and commercial cloth; The bottom edges are sewn under because it was made on a footloom and has no finished selvedges.

Huipil (Traditional Mayan Garment)
Textile; Cotton and Rayon; A two-paneled huipil joined by purple embroidery called a ronda. Each of the panels is finished on four sides. The image used is one that is similar to the original.

Textile; Cotton and wool; The two panels were woven on a backstrap loom and are joined by a wool randa. The brocade is done in a combination of wool and cotton with the predominant figural element being the double-headed eagle. Has colors such as…

Textile; Cotton; The format and elements are very traditional even though it's contemporary.

Textile; Cotton; The fringed ends still have the warp loops where they were attached to their loom. The color scheme is dark purple, and maroon.

Textile; Cotton and wool

Man's Sash
Guatemalan Textiles

Women's Sash
Guatemalan Textiles

Coban Huipil
Guatemalan Textiles

Zunhil huipil
Guatemalan Textile.
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